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Shiva - Redefining The Divine

Reha Shishodia brings out the message in her series of Shiva paintings.

Reha questions passionately and incessantly until her explorations evolve into crystallised creativity. She has unlimited enthusiasm and her paintings are worth a thousand words.
Her style is very unique as she works on mixed media and her work is greatly inspired by Lord Shiva, The Auspicious One.

Reha explains that Shiva has eight forms namely earth, water, ether, fire, air, sun, moon and soul which is why he is also addressed as the Ashtamurthy and she has managed to balance all forms in her work. She believes that to merge with Shiva, one has to follow the path of wisdom.

She is awe struck by the image of Lord Shiva as it stands apart from those of other deities. She takes the artistic liberty of remoulding it from her perspective using symbols that form the basic entity of the Great One. Her work portrays that divinity exists so that we as mortals get to reshape it as and how we see fit.

All her work stays true to her belief and carries the single most important message that divinity is within us and even when we perish, it carries on, well beyond eternity.