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Tribute to M F Husian

Photographer’s Tribute To An Artist on His 94th Birthday




The Artist:                  M F Husain

The Photographer:     Pradeep Chandra

The Date:                   Sep 17, 2009

The Gift:                     First Glimpse of ‘M F Hussain:

                                    A Pictorial Tribute’ – A unique hard-bound coffee table book on the Artist.



Sep 14, Mumbai: M F Husain doesn’t always celebrate his birthday. On one occasion Husain slept through his birthday, blissfully unaware that it was his birthday. But his 94th birthday will truly be a special occasion. Celebrity photographer and writer, Pradeep Chandra will gift him the ‘first glimpse’ of the coffee table book – M F Hussain: A Pictorial Tribute – authored by him.



The book is a unique compilation of photographs, paintings and poems on Husain with exclusive contributions made by many accomplished artists. “Visually rich and aesthetically produced, it contains rare pictures and anecdotes of Hussainsaab,” discloses Chandra, whose previous book AB- The Legend was rated as one of the ten best books known for its looks. The Bachchan book recently marked a record sale of 4000 copies.



“What motivated me to pay this tribute to Husain is the kind of energy and passion he displays: for life and as well as his art. What he does with colours and the speed with which he paints is admirable. I am inspired as much by the personality of M F Husain as his art. His jovial personality and his eye for photography is awe-inspiring,”



Pradeep Chandra has been closely associated with M F Husain for over three decades and has captured some very special moments of the latter’s life.



There are several books written on Husain, but this book is more of a gift than a mere publication. It is not only a tribute to Husain but for all those who admire and appreciate art.



The barefoot painter has always been known for his ordinary lifestyle and practical approach. “On his 75th birthday he was invited by Fankar Group to a show at Devlalikar Art Gallery . Husain exhibited his 20 serigraphs at this show. He later invited 20 college students at the show. He asked all the 20 student to stand under one painting each. As the show opened, he announced that each serigraph will be given to the students standing below the painting,” adds Chandra.