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Satyam Shivam Sundram
I am taking this opportunity of expressing the wonderful feeling of my inner voice in the picturesque form. The temples in India are huge, magnificent and wonderfully sculpted. The triangular temple top are the most attractive feature of any temple. This is just a reason or excuse for me to depict the marvellous temples. It is just a attempt by me to bring these temples alive on my canvas. The conical top of a temple is an imagination of the mountain top when the rays of the morning sun first show their presence. These rays of the sun touch the temple top & makes an underscriptive and difficult to be penned the temple’s beauty. I experienced the space which is eternal and enduring. This eternal feeling of the space I expressed through the paintings. These shapes of temples are the symbols of that eternal peace and itself a form of Truth, God & Beauty.... Satyam...Shivam...Sundaram!